Hubbly Bubbly Brew

14,00 €

Autore Patrick Ruedisueli
Giocatori 2-4
Durata media 30 min.
Età 10+
Produttore: Quantuum Magic
Disponibilità:in magazzino 2 prodotto (i)
Codice prodotto: 8717953023612

Gioco di carte in inglese

All magical creatures come to Madam Pompadour's School of Magical Mixing to study the art of potion crafting, and as a student there, you will be given strange ingredients to combine and collect. Every completed potion brings you closer to a good grade. Will you be the first to graduate?

The object of 'Hubbly Bubbly Brew' is to collect as many potion points as possible by playing different color ingredient cards and combining them to complete your potions. During your turn, you may do the following in any order:

  • Draw two cards from the deck
  • Play up to two ingredient cards
  • Play one magic card.

Every potion must contain one plant card, one component card, one material card, and one liquid card; once completed, you add the total potion points on the cards together, and add any relevant bonus points. A potion consisting of ingredients in the same color earns your extra bonus points.

Magic cards allow you to break the rules and influence the game, specifically by having effects such as taking an extra turn, switching ingredients with opponents, and looking at (or even stealing) cards.



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